Being Social vs. Being Secure

As a proponent of social media for business, who also happens to work for a security company, the balance between effectively using (and promoting) social media and diligently promoting and executing high security standards is often a tricky balance to maintain.

This is not a topic that I (or anyone) could cover in just one blog post…but I hope that this will be come a frequently revisited topic, or perhaps an ongoing series.

Security and Privacy are similar, but not the same.  In fact, you could say that there are more privacy trade offs that one must make in the world of social media.

One incident that comes to mind is regarding one of the hosts (Adam Savage) of Mythbusters.  About six months ago he posted a picture of his car (take with his smart phone) on Twitter with the comment “now it’s off to work”.  Which seems innocent enough.

However embedded in that photo was a geo-tag, with gave the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of where the photo was taken.  Now if one were to assume that someone who Tweets “now it’s off to work” is leaving their house, it would be possible to figure out where he lives.  Since the message also had the time associated with it, you could figure out when this person leaves for work each, and since there is a photo of the car he drives…well if you wanted to stalk him, or complain to him about an episode, or ask for an autograph; you would have some good information on where to find him.

(By the way, if you did want to stalk Adam Savage, he has since moved, and says that he’s turned off the geotag feature on his phone).

Now this is a rather technologically savvy person that we are talking about…what information could be gathered from the photos that you have posted?

In addition to pointing out that you should turn off geotagging of photos in your smart phone, what other information are we leaking about?

Lots you can be sure.

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