Getting Started in Social Media, Part 2

This is a continuation from last weeks post.

So to sum up the scenario, I am focusing on companies who have taken a “wait and see” approach to Social Media and/or those who are planning to test the waters.

In Part 1 we got executive buy-in, did some self education, and made a plan.

The next step is determine who you are and what you want to say.

Some companies (or products) have a massive online following. For example Oreo Cookies have over 17 Million fans on Facebook. Is that practical for you to expect. No, and frankly speaking, I don’t think that was practical for Oreo to expect either.

Assuming that you are the person who is responsible for Social Media at you company, go out and sign up for the company Facebook page and Twitter handle.

My strong recommendation is to keep complete separation between your personal and work accounts. I know it may seem like you want brand yourself as John Smith the marketing genius at XYZ Corp, and that is a great aspiration. However, in the long run, this separation is best for both you and the company. You can still be @JohnXYZ, but keep that separate from John@home.

Facebook and Twitter are the two obvious places to start, Quora is another.

To manage these, you’ll want to look at something like HootSuite or CoTweet (not an endorsement of either of those two, they just seem to be the two most common, but there are MANY new emerging tools).

You are going to want to have some management and tracking in place, because you’ve got goals and metrics in place. Right? Make sure that your goals regarding social media are more in line with KPIs of your business than just “write 2 tweets a day a get 100 followers in 30 days”.

Oh there is so much more to write…. until part 3, cheers!

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