Who Do You Trust?

I don’t want to go off on a political tangent here, but trust is something that really has been eroded over the past few decades.

In a Nielson Survey about consumer trust, 90% of people said that they would trust the opinions of someone that they knew.

This isn’t really that surprising since I suspect that most of us trust the people that we call “friends”.

70% of people said that they trust opinions of others that are posted online.   In other words, 70% of us, trust someone that we have never met, and know nothing about.

37% said that they would trust online video ads, and 33% would trust online banner ads.

I did some random sample sampling of some students (albeit in a sample size of 35, which is too small to be considered scientific or conclusive), and while most of them agreed with this statistics, overall…a striking change came in to play.

Nearly all of the students said that they would trust a negative review, and a several negative reviews would be enough to make them not purchase something.  However, positive were something that they would trust, but in most cases that positive review would not be enough to make them ‘pull the trigger’ on a purchase.

So in the context of being online, we are more likely to trust strangers than ads…by a long shot.  And we are much more likely to trust the negative opinions of strangers than their positive ones.

So it seems that the negative opinions of strangers are almost 3 times more likely to generate the trust of a potential buyer than online ads.

How does that make you want to change how you spend your marketing dollars?

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