Don’t Follow Me. TALK to me!

“Follow Us Me Twitter” (or “Follow Us On Twitter), has become a rather ubiquitous statement.  This is unfortunate,  because it really isn’t a good goal.

My colleague Evan Hamilton of UserVoice (@evanhamilton) has said “more followers doesn’t matter unless they’re good. I’d rather have 20 super-passionate followers than 20,000 randoms.”

While extreme, I agree with this sentiment.  Amassing followers on Twitter may feed your ego, and make your reports to your boss look great, but the number is meaningless.

So then why should we encourage people to “follow us”, when really what we want is for people to “talk to us”?

The converse is also true, having brilliant content that no one sees is equally useless, and much more frustrating.

Someone can’t TALK to you on Twitter without following you first, so this shift in verbiage is a call to action that kills two birds with one stone.

Please don’t follow me on Twitter.

Please talk to me on Twitter.


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