The Shrinking World and Social Media

Technology and Social Media have made the world a closer place.

I don’t think that is exactly a revolutionary thought…but it really has shown itself to be evident to me lately.

I love to read.

Business books, cook books, thought-provoking books, books to make me better, books to entertain me, etc.  Usually I have a few going at any given time.

Not coincidentally, I follow nearly every author that I am a fan of on Twitter (except for the authors of the “books to entertain me”).

In “the old days”, you know like back in 2007.  I might like an author, and read his/her book, and that would be the end of it…and maybe a year or two later, I’d hear that they had something new published.

Now in these wonderfully technologically enabled times, if I screw up a recipe, I can tweet or email about it and actually get answer.  (I did this today, which inspired this post.  Michael Ruhlman @ruhlman is so wonderfully helpful)

If I have a question about something that Seth Godin wrote, I could contact him @ThisIsSethsBlog, or join a discussion group, or get involved with an in person meet up.  The same goes for Brian Solis @BrianSolis, and I am sure that it is true for many others.

Beyond answering my questions, the tweets from this people, keep my engaged in what they are doing…so perhaps I read a book by author X, now I’ll follow their tweets and share that advice with my friends/colleagues, and I’ll know about their upcoming books, videos and speaking engagements, etc.

The list goes on and on.

Why does this matter?

Well it matters to authors, because it helps sell books that much I am sure of.  Not only to me, but I suspect that after reading this you might just check out who Michael Ruhlman is…or see what Seth Godin is blogging about today.

It also matters to the user, because “back in the day” the author was this genius who toiled away, somewhere off in a cabin, and periodically had something published, now there is a relationship.   This is Social Media 101, but it is so true, and it works so well.

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