Everyone Has Something To Teach Us

Everyone has something to teach us.

Sometimes the lesson is plain to see and understand.  However, sometimes the lesson might not be readily apparent.

It takes having the humity to learn and the discernment to figure out what the lesson is.


This is especially true when it comes to children.

If you don’t let the business of society get in the way, and you put the pride that you are “an adult who knows more than kids” aside, you can learn a lot from kids.


I have two young daughters, and I’ve learned a lot from them…here are a few examples…I’m sure that there are more that I’ve experienced, and that many other could add as well.

-It’s more fun to dance or skip than it is to walk.

-When coloring there is no need to stay inside the lines.  My picture doesn’t have to look like the one the page, because I can do better.

-Time should always be flexible.

-Life isn’t linear.  There isn’t a “point A” and a “point B”, we’re just having fun.

-Mommy’s kisses do a better job of healing than Band-aids (but Band-aids are fun to wear even if you aren’t hurt).


I know that I’m trying to incorporate more of these into my life.

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