Who Trusts Advertising?

According to a report entitled Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth? (sponsored by Alterian), the number of consumers who don’t trust advertising is disturbingly close to 100%.

– 58% of people surveyed felt that ‘companies are only interested in selling products and services to me, not necessarily the product or service that is right for me’.

– 5% said that they trusted advertising

– 8% trusted what companies said about themselves.


From this is can be safely concluded that your customers and prospective customers are not going to believe what you have to say about your company and your product.  You may have developed a wonderful new product that will be better/faster/cheaper/stronger/bigger/etc than any existing product in the category…but people aren’t going to be inclined to believe your claims, no matter how true they are?

So how do you get your message out?

This is a massive shift from traditional advertising to web enabled word of mouth.  Word of Mouth is nothing new.

When word of mouth is coupled with the power of the internet you have another powerful shift.

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  1. the age of getting customers via print, televion, outdoor, etc is probably over. twitter, facebook, and other social mediums online are the new go-getters. by creating and facilitating interactions and creating a personal and accessible brand image, companies can increase their share of wallet and create customers who are more loyal than ever

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