Are Your Competitors Your Friends?

As the world becomes flatter, and communication with people in different organizations becomes much easier, it seems that competition has become even more frantic.

One place for a savvy community manager or social media leader to find an odd ally is amongst your competition.

Now I’m not saying that you should spend time editing their blog posts and give them access to you AdWords account (of course!)….but there are occasions for customer/market education where rivals can come together to solve real problems.

For the sake of an example, I just happen to be looking at the hand sanitizer on my desk….so let’s say that I marketed hand sanitizer. Without neglecting my message of killing the most germs and having a nice aloe scent; there is a larger theme of fighting the spread of germs and disease; and around this theme I could contact my counterpart at a competition and propose an awareness campaign that we collaborate on. Then as more people are aware of the benefits of hand sanitizer, both of our sales will increase. A healthy dose of co-opition

(Of course the assumptions here are that you have an ethical competitor, a problem to solve, and a market that is big enough for the both of you)

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