Friends and Barbecue Sauce

Does this word mean the same to you, as it does to me?

A quick trip to your local grocery-mega mart will reveal that there are hundreds of types of BBQ sauce…and as you travel to various regions of the US, you will find that “BBQ sauce” can mean different things in different places…is it think or thin? hot or mild? Is it barbecue or BBQ? vinegar based, mustard based, ketchup based? fruity, or smokey, or flavored in some other way?

Since it is summertime and (at least to me) summer means a lot of outdoor cooking, and a lot of BBQ sauce. It got me thinking that a word “BBQ sauce” (and similarly, the term “barbecue”) means different things to different people.

As the world gets smaller, thanks to the internet, more and more collisions of terminology like this will arise.


What does it mean to be a “Friend”?

Clearly Facebook Friends aren’t ‘friends‘; or at least not ‘Friends‘.
6 or 7 years ago, a “friend” was a fairly well understood term. And it was understood that you might have layers of friends….those who you would have over to a barbecue, those that were the parents of your kids friends, the nice people at work, and then there are those who would help you clean up after the barbecue, and those who know you so well that you could never be elected to any public office.

Terminology continues to change…what is the next term to lose it’s meaning?

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