What’s In A Name? Nothing it seems to Dodge

Perhaps yo have seen the new commercials for the 2013 Dodge Dart (you can find the long version here).

“How to change cars forever”, is certainly a bit of hyperbole, but that isn’t the main issue that I find with this new car.
If you are truly building a car (or anything) that will be “all new”, finding a new name for any such product is another key element.

I find this a bit sad.

The car seemed like a new direction for Dodge, and I was intrigued…and then simply the old name “Dart”, quickly killed that off.

I know that in the 70s the Dart had a reputation as “sturdy, reliable car”…however, the target market for this car is people who are about 25-40.  The experiences that this demographic has with the Dart, are that it is an old car that one of your friends grandparents might have had.  There is definitely no positive correlation with name.

This sort of disconnect seems show a lack of proper marketing research, and a lack of creativity.  To me these failings make me question what else in the car when through the same thought process, the therefore undo any of the goodwill that the ad might have created.

What do you think about give an “all new” car, an old name?


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