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What’s In A Name? Nothing it seems to Dodge

Perhaps yo have seen the new commercials for the 2013 Dodge Dart (you can find the long version here). “How to change cars forever”, is certainly a bit of hyperbole, but that isn’t the main issue that I find with this new car. If you are truly building a car (or anything) that will be …

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The Olympic Brand Games

Perhaps I am showing a bit of my age here, but I remember when the Olympics used to be about sport, competition, ‘the thrill of victory’…about people who may have had political, religious or philosophical differences coming together to celebrate excellence. Then the Olympics became a brand. And I am all for brands, and good …

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Brand Protection (or How Silly is the NFL)

It’s that time of year again. Football season is winding down, and top-level “American professional football league” is getting ready for the “big game in Arlington, Texas”. – Are you running the office pool to buy squares in the “professional football championship game” pool? – You have been invited to a Super Party for the …

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