Starting a Product Community

There are many reasons that you may want to start a product community.
In the next few weeks and months, I’ll discuss some of these reasons, and some of the pitfalls that occur when starting a community.

It would be quite a bit of hypocrisy to begin a community about having an online community, and not encourage anyone who is reading this to make comments.

If you have decided to start a product community, or you are working to get one off of the ground, I hope that you will return and participate in this community.

There are many, many, many online communities. Most are centered around a common interest, such as a game or hobby. There has been a great deal of buzz about things such as “joining the conversation” and “social media” in general.

Unfortunately, a great deal of this is just noise.

Now, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of GREAT benefits that a company gain from using social media, but one of the main problems is that many of the “experts” talk about social media as a goal in and of itself.

Social media is a tool that nearly every company should use, but it just one of many tools that should be in every companies toolbox for building a community.

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